Landlord Information

1. Preparing properties for tenancy

  • We have found from previous experience that properties which are well maintained and in good decorative order will let more easily and also are more likely to be kept by the tenants.

2. Fire Regulations

  • Under the Fire and Furnishings Safety Regulations 1993 the landlord has the obligation to ensure that all furnishings comply with the fire regulations. We would recommend that all houses be fitted with smoke alarms. Health and Safety Fire Regulations information is enclosed.

3. Electrical and Gas Appliances Regulations

  • The landlord is required to comply with the Electrical Equipment (SAFETY) regulations 1994 and the Gas Safety (Installation and use) Regulations 1994. Information is enclosed.

4. Rent Restrictions (N.I) Order 1978

  • The landlord must advise the agent in advance if the property is restricted under the Rent Restriction (N.I) Order 1978.

5. Taxes Management Act

  • Landlords residing abroad are advised that they are responsible for the payment of the tax liability @ 22%, which arises on rents, collected by the agent on their behalf.

Instruction to Solicitors

  • In the event of the breach of covenant by the tenant, we instruct our solicitor and the landlord will be responsible for all costs.

7. Void Periods

  • Our Management service function does not extend to supervision of the property when it is not let, although in the normal course of letting, periodic visits may be made to the tenants.